Zynaps (c) 1987 Hewson Consultants Ltd - Complete Documentation
Zynaps is a shoot-em-up set in an alien infested planetary system.
The game begins with our hero escaping in Scorpion fighter from an alien
space station out into deep space. Battle continues through asteroid storms
to a nearby planet from where, eqipped with weaponry and hyperspace units
taken from many destroyed alien craft, he sets out in search of the secret 
alien stronghold.
After many terrifying battles fought throughout the solar system our hero
discovers the location of the alien base and the final conflict can begin.
48K ZX Spectrum, ZX Spectrum Plus or Spectrum 128 with cassette player. ZX
Spectrum +2.
You are advised to disconnect all hardware from the rear edge connector
with the exception of your joystick interface (if any). When using a
Sinclair Interface 2 or the ZX Spectrum +2 plug the appropriate joystick
into port 1. Unless using a ZX Spectrum +2 connect a cassette player to the
computer in the usual manner. ZX Spectrum +2 and 128 users should select
48K mode. Rewind the cassette if neceassary, enter LOAD "" on the computer
keyboard and press the ENTER key on the cassette player. The games takes a
few minutes to load.
Use a joystick or define your own keyboard keys to simulate left, right,
up, down and fire. During the title sequence:
Keys 1 & 2  Select one or two player game
Key 3       Define keyboard controls
Key 4       Access high score display
Fire        Start the game
During play the fire button fire weapons or when held down activates the
fuel scoop. Some weapons require the fire button to be held down before
they will fire. To pause the game during play press key 4. Press fire to
restart or Q to quit.
The MK1 Scorpion is supplied with a wide range of sophisticated equipment
and weaponry powered by an internally mounted fuel scoop.
The main drive units can be operated at four power levels  ranging from
low power for delicate control in tight spaces, to maximum setting for high
speed combat in deep space.
Pulse lasers:
Ideal for heavy duty alien blasting. These wing mounted lasers also have
four power settings.
Plasma Bombs:
Two independant bomb throwers provide awesome destructive power against
groundbased targets.
Homing missiles:
These self propelled missiles carry scaled down planet bursting warheads
and, once locked onto target, will destroy almost any large alien craft.
Seeker missiles:
The ultimate in intelligent weaponry. Seeker missiles carry automatic
target acquisition circuitry designed to lock onto any target they are able
to detroy.
This provides the power to activate the Scorpion's main systems. To
activate a piece of eqipment (weapons, propulsion etc) collect sufficient
fuel to highlight desired eqipment in the WEAPONRY ACTIVATION INDICATOR,
then collect one more piece of fuel with the scoop in ACTIVATION mode.
To go into activation mode hold down the fire button until the ship changes
from yellow to blue and keep it depressed while picking up the fuel. The
new equipment will be activated, or its power setting increased and the
indicator reset to position one - Speedup.
The Weaponry Activation Indicator displays, in order:
SPEEDUP   Increase Speed
FIREPOWER Increase laser power
BOMBS     Activate bomb thrower
MISSILES  Enable missile targeting
SEEKER    Enable seeker missile
The opposition in Zynaps comes in five dangerous varieties:
Small flying craft can usually be destroyed with one hit from a laser, bomb
or seeker missile. Honing missiles cannot lock-on.
Ground Installations:
Dangerous planet-bound defence installations require multiple laser hits or
a single bomb or seeker missle to destroy them.
Alien Command Ships:
Large flying craft, heavily armed and well protected. These can be
destroyed with multiple laser hits or homing missiles.
Natural Hazards
Consist largely of asteroids and other flying debris - keep well clear!
Warning: Alien craft are known to well armed with a variety of missiles,
homing missiles and mines!
Points are awarded for blasting individual aliens and special bonuses for
destroying complete formations of more dangerous aliens.
Bonus lives are awarded at 10,000 points and every 20,000 thereafter.
25 frames per second.
High resolution multicoloured scrolling graphics.
3 dimensional parallax starfield.
Myriad of sprites.
Game design:
Dominic Robinson, John Cumming.
Dominic Robinson, John Cumming, Michael Croucher.
Dominic Robinson, John Cumming, Steve Crow, Mark Jones.
Sound and Music:
Steve Turner, J Dave Rogers, Kevin Greave, Nigel Greave.
(c) Hewson Consultants Ltd 1987
Hewsons Consultants Ltd
Hewson House
56B Milton Trading Estate
OX14 4RX
Instructions typed in by Paul Thompson, March 2003